Our Plan quite extensive and we have many challenges ahead and we must raise the funds necessary to implement these objectives

  • Erect 85 km Perimeter Fence in 3 phases complete by 2010.
  • Maintain Lake Elmenteita’s designation as a Ramsar site by monitoring and updating Ramsar by 2010.
  • Complete its nomination as a World Heritage Site when lake has been gazzeted as a protected area. 
  • Create a sustainable management plan for all natural resources in the area by year end 2008.
  • Educate local community on the importance of the protection of natural resources, flora and fauna,  and  management of livestock.
  • Relieve poverty and improve local conditions through employment opportunities, training and job creation. 
  • Improve schools and educational facilities within the conservancy and neighboring communities.
  • Offer scholarships and bursaries.
  • Provide better nutritional support and education.
  • Medical Clinics and AIDS VCT clinics.
  • Develop a Research and Field Study Center both for Kenyan and International students.
  • Provide alternative activities to poaching, charcoal burning and agricultural mismanagement through training activities and workshops. 
  • Capacity Building for development of bee keeping, sustainable forestry ,grain/grass stores, water access points and cattle dips.
  • Forge Partnerships with Academic and Conservation Research Organizations.
  • Establish a Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Set standards and codes of conduct to protect the bio diversity of the eco systems along with tourist activities and accommodations.
  • Responsible habitat management and reintroduction of indigenous and endangered species. 
  • Survey the wildlife corridor from Nakuru to Naivash and determine migratory routes.
  • Create a community group where all members benefit from tourism activities generated by usage of the corridor. 

2 responses to “Plan

  1. Richard G. White 111

    Your project is critically important, and your priorities seem soundly based. But fundraising seems to get little attention in your list of priorities.

    I have seen the fundraising success of Lewa, and the lack of success at Lion Rock in Tsavo West. I also see the potential for fundraising for eco-projects that combine protection of the natural world that also benefits the local human populations.

    I am currently a corporate broadcasting fundraiser in NY, with plans on relocating to Africa to help worthy projects.

    If my services can be of any value we should begin a dialogue. We are about a year from moving.
    Perhaps you have a fundraising structure I can work into. Let me know. I am very interested in your project, mostly from articles in Swara (EAWLS).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Richard White

  2. Dear Richard,

    Many thanks for your comments. We are looking for new ideas for fundraising. We have also put up (see support page) . We have a Board meeting on November 7th and I could put your proposal on the agenda if you could send me something next week. Best wishes, Kat

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